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Term 6

In term 6 we will be learning all about 'The great outdoors'.

We will be exploring woodlands, learning about mini beasts and being active outdoors.    

Term 5

This term we have learnt about 'Under the Sea'.  We started off  looking at non fiction books about sea creatures and learnt lots of facts.  We had a great trip to Bristol Aquarium and saw lots of fish, jellyfish, turtles and an octopus.  We then wrote some fact files about sea creatures.  We have learnt the story 'Wilbur the whale' and then changed the characters.  We enjoyed acting it out and even wrote the story.    We have enjoyed our role play shipwreck and enjoyed  acting out being divers and looking for sea creatures.  We changed our middle area into an under the sea environment.  We made jellyfish that wobble on the waves and rainbow fish with their glittery scales.  

 In Maths we have explored bigger numbers by looking at the 100 square and all the patterns on there.  We have begun to count in 2's and 10's and even learnt our doubles.  We sang a great doubles rap to help us learn doubles.  We have consolidated adding and subtracting and learnt how to use a number line to add and subtract.  We learnt about length and capacity and had fun measuring the classroom objects with cubes.  

Our tadpoles came back to use after the Easter holidays and we saw them grow back legs and turn into froglets.  We have enjoyed looking after them but when one frog started hopping, we knew we had to let them go to a local pond.

The lovely weather has meant lots of us have been outside enjoying the mud kitchen, making dens and exploring with the water harbour.  We have used the small world pirates to make up our own stories.  


Term 4

This term we have learnt all about 'animals'.  We started by looking at the book 'Rumble in the jungle' and making up some silly rhymes and alliteration.  We then learnt some facts about different animals and wrote some great fact files, describing them as well.  We looked at the book 'Welcome to the zoo' and made up our own stories about what the animals and characters could do.   We have enjoyed acting out in our role play safari, dressing up as explorers and using binoculars to look at all the different animals.  We changed our middle area into a jungle environment with leaves and tress hanging down and some big animals!

In Maths we practised adding and subtracting and used a bead bar to do this.  We looked at time and the events in the day and the order that we do things in.  We learnt all about money and the coins that we have.  We practised buying things and made sure we gave the correct coins.  We looked at 3D shapes and used words to describe them and made models with the wooden blocks.  

We had world book day, when we all dressed up as our favourite book character.  We had some great costumes and the children really enjoyed talking about their favourite books.    We really enjoyed the bedtime stories, coming back to school in our pyjamas and having hot chocolate.  Year 3 and 4 children came to share stories with us aswell. 

We have also had tadpoles this term to look after,  we watched them grow from frog spawn into tiny tadpoles.  we have been looking after them well, giving them food and really enjoyed seeing their back legs grow.  We still have them, and will hopefully see them turn into froglets and then tiny frogs.

We also had a visit from 2 giant land snails called 'slimy and sticky.' .We saw how they moved and learnt about how to look after them.

We finished the term with 'Science week'.  We learnt about a scientist called Marian Diamond who did lots of work with brains.  We made our own brain hats and played a memory game.  We explored with magnets, floating and sinking and gloop.

What a busy term! 


Term 3

In reception this term we have been learning all about 'Space'.   We started looking at the book Whatever next' and imagined we were going to space.  We acted out the story, drew pictures and even wrote a diary about our trip to space.  We really enjoyed using the space station role play.  We dressed up as astronauts and  acted out counting down and collecting moon rocks!  We have enjoyed making rockets and moon buggies out of lots of construction.  We also made some rockets and even sent them flying with the help of Mr Denton.  We got really wet, but it was great fun, the rockets went flying right across the playground!  We then wrote instructions for how to fly a rocket.  We have also read some books about aliens and enjoyed talking about and describing different aliens.  We have made our own aliens out of play dough. 

 In Maths we have looked at 3D shapes and learnt the names of them .  We made some great models with the 3D shapes and pictures with the 2D shapes.    We have used the rockets and astronauts to help us understand addition and subtraction.  We listened to number stories and solved them with the objects and then on a bead bar.  We measured the length and height of different things.

We have loved using our mini me astronauts all term. We have built rockets for them and explored the different planets.   We have used collage materials to make a rocket and explored drawing with chalk and charcoal. 

Term 2

Our learning in reception 

This term the children have been learning all about transport.  We started the term looking at the teacher’s cars and Mr Trolley’s motorbike.  We have looked at the story of ‘Naughty bus’ and acted out with our own bus, and then wrote some great sentences about what the bus was doing.  We had a visit from the police, who brought their police car and van and let us sit inside and use the sirens!  We had our own 'travel agents' role play where we acted out choosing our holiday destinations and booking them!  We have explored with the cars and ramps and thought about how we could make them go faster. 

We have enjoyed learning more sounds and have got really good at sounding out words and writing simple sentences. 

In Maths, we have practised our numbers and enjoyed learning about shapes and making shape pictures. We have used the scales to weigh different objects and think about which is heavy and light. 

We have enjoyed performing our Christmas nativity and dressing up in costume.


Term 1


The children have settled into school really well and are enjoying exploring their new environment. 

Our topic this term was 'All about me'.

We have thought about the different parts of our body and looked at the skeleton.

We had a visit from a psychologist, who talked to us all about our brain and how we remember things.  She even left a pretend brain for us to look at and feel!

We have thought about what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy.  We looked at healthy and unhealthy foods and then made a yummy fruit smoothie.  We tried all the fruit first using our senses and then cut up the fruit and mixed it in a blender.

We have also thought about keeping ourselves clean and healthy.  we looked at different ways to exercise and we have been very physical in our garden making our own assault courses.   We have told instructions for how to wash your hands and clean your teeth.  We had great fun practising brushing the big classroom teeth!

In maths we have been practising our numbers.  We have counted along the number line and practised counting different objects.   We have used lots of different resources including number fans, bead strings and counters.  We have explored shape and named and described the different shapes that we know.  We even did a shape hunt in the outside area.

Throughout the term we have explored making marks in sand, rice and on the whiteboards.  we have made wavy, straight and zig zag lines.  

We have learnt lots of sounds already.  We have learnt the sound the letter makes and how to write the letter.  We are already hearing the 1st sounds in words and we are beginning to write simple words with 3 sounds. 

Term 2


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