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Welcome to Year 2's Learning Page

Here, you will find out about all our magnificent learning and educational escapades! 

There are some handy documents for you to view to give you a little more detail on our termly and yearly plans.

Term 6

Our topic for this term will be Our Living World, where we will have lots of fun exploring our local environment for bugs and insects as well as watching caterpillars turn into butterflies! For English, we will be reading King of Tiny Things by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Milward to stimulate some imaginative story writing and we will be using our caterpillar - butterfly nets to observe, along side the book Caterpillar Butterfly, by Vivian French, to write observational recounts. We will also be reading Superworm by Julia Donaldson towards the end of the term for some fun story writing.

This term is full of lots of outdoor learning; including our wonderful Forest school trips, which we're really looking forward to.

Important Dates for this Term:

Wednesday 16th June – Puffin Class Forest School
Friday 18th June – Sanderling Class Forest School
Monday 21st June – Sports Day
Wednesday 23rd June – Seagull class forest school
Friday 25th June – Puffin class forest school
Wednesday 30th June – Sanderling class forest school
Friday 2nd July – Seagull class forest school

Friday 9th July - In-school bug workshop
Monday 5th July – Transition morning
Friday 16th July – Last day of term

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 Termly Topic Overview Term 6 NEW.pdfDownload
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The Bug Lady’s Big Bug Talks

This term in Year 2, we have been reading stories about minibeasts and learning all different kinds of minibeasts and their habitats. On July 9th, we were fortunate to have The Bug Lady’s Big Bug Talks visit our school and we got to learn so many fantastic facts about some of the species she brought along. We learnt that a snail’s body is its foot and it has ten thousand teeth. We also learnt a lot about insects’ diet and their habitats. Louise from the The Bug Lady’s Big Bug Talks, brought a Madagascar hissing cockroach, Tailless whip scorpion, and Leaf stick insects from Malaysia, Flower beetle and the Giant African snail. We got to hear the Madagascar hissing cockroach hiss! Year 2 loved handling some of the bugs which we thought was cool and tickling!


Term 5

Our topic for this term will be, Nocturnal Animals! For English, we will be reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl and will be writing about nocturnal animals that we can see around the school using night camera footage. We will also be comparing nocturnal animals that are found in Kenya and the different habitats around the world. 


Important Dates for this Term:

Monday 3th May – Bank Holiday – school closed
Thursday 6th May – Polling Day – school closed
Friday 7th May – Wellbeing Day
Friday 21st May – Storytelling Day
Thursday 27th May – Class Photos


If you would like to find out more about what we will be covering this term, have a look at our Term Overview. 

 Term 5 - Nocturnal Animals.pdfDownload
 Term 5 overview Nocturnal Animals.pdfDownload
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This term, we enjoyed wellbeing day, where year 2 enjoyed making fruit kebabs and apples donuts as well as then eating them during story time. We spent a few moments, in the day, practising mindfulness and listened to a few 1 minute listening sound bites to think about where they might be, what the noises were and how it made them feel. The children enjoyed playing various balloon games and continued practising their teamwork strengths by making a soundscape of their choice using their bodies, voices and instruments.

Here are some photos from our amazing visit from the owls, where the children learnt so many fantastic facts:

We also loved thinking about one amazing book, this term, for Storytelling Day. Quill Soup by, Alan Durant, allowed the children to be in character when thinking about feelings of characters during the story about a friendly stranger (Noko) arriving at a village, which first felt quite hostile until the stranger managed to get the villagers to see things differently. The children had wonderful ideas when they discussed ideas as Noko's conscience and brilliantly retold the story using actions. At the end of the day, the children created wonderful collages based on Durant's illustrations and learnt about his inspirations and African influences.

Term 4

In Term 4, our topic will be Sailing the Seas and Amazing Engineers. As well as learning lots of fascinating pirate facts, we will also be finding out about amazing achievements in engineering. Please see the overview below if you want to find out more.

In Science we have been investigating material properties; whether they are water-proof or water absorbent and whether they float or sink. On the last week of term, we have designed and made our own pirate ships! We found that materials like polystyrene and plastic were good materials to use for our pirate ships! 

 Term 4 - Sailing the seas.pdfDownload
 Term 4 overview.pdfDownload
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Space Odyssey

This term, year 2 had a trip back to last term's topic of 'A journey through Space' with a visit from the Space Odyssey dome. We travelled through space to the space station, explored the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and thought about the next missions to space and the moon.  Lying back in the dark dome, we saw all the planets and compared their size; realising how small Earth is in our solar system. The children impressed us all with the knowledge they had from their learning last term. What an exciting and impressive day!

Term 3

Our topic is A Journey into Space, we are looking forward to finding out more about the space race and achievements that individual people made in space travel and exploration. We have an exciting visit from the Explorer Dome planned in Janu ary. Please have a look at our newsletter if you want to find out more about what we will be learning this term. 

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 Term 3 overview - Space.pdfDownload
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Term 2

Our topic is Superheroes, please have a look at our newsletter if you want to find out more about what we will be learning this term.

Year 2 had a fantastic day learning about when and why the Great fire of London started. We had lots of interesting discussions talking about why the fire spread so quickly and talked about what good came from the Great Fire of London. During the day children wrote diaries in the voice of Samuel Pepys with sounds effects of crackling fire and visual walkthroughs of the pre-fire London streets, to inspire them

The children made houses of the Stuart period which we joined close together . They watched how easily a fire spreads when houses are made of flammable materials and are close together, while being retold the events that occurred. The children were so excited to see how everything they learnt came together in the end for them to truly experience in some way. Luckily fireman Stan (Mr Lee) came to the rescue to put the fire out!

 Term 2 - Superheroes.pdfDownload
 Term 2 overview.pdfDownload
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Term 1

Our topic is Our Wider World, please have a look at our newsletter if you wish to find out a little more about what we will be learning this term.

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 Term 1 overview.pdfDownload
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