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Welcome to Year 3's Learning Page

Here, you will find out about all our magnificent learning and educational escapades! This year is looking very different to last year, although we will be gathering knowledge on a diverse range of topics, producing creative and engaging pieces writing, securing our times tables and delving deeper into the world of problem solving!

Primarily this year our focus is all about your child's wellbeing. Children will be given ample opportunities to share how they feel and what is on their mind while being given strategies to deal with what is going on in the world around them. 

At the bottom of the page there are some handy documents for you to view to give you a little more detail on our termly and yearly plans!

Term 6 - Next term our amazing topic is 'Looking after our Natural World'


This term we will be learning all about ‘The Mother of Trees’ Wangari Maathai who started the greenbelt movement and helped plant over 30 million trees in Kenya. Following this we will be looking at contrasting conservation stories and planning a conservation of our own. Finally we will learn all about fictional blogger Hope Jones who is helping to save the world by reducing plastic.



This term we will be looking at a range of different topics in maths. We will start the beginning of term looking at fractions. Then, we will look at money and understand how to add money and find change.  We will then spend the last few weeks investigating different shapes and delving into statistics. 

Science (Plants)

This term we will be continuing to learn about plants. We will be conducting experiments to investigate the conditions needed for growth and the way in which water is transported. We will also be doing some gardening with Glynn and planting our own vegetables and salad for the school kitchen to use. We will then monitor our plants as they grow.


We had a truly amazing term! It felt so good to be back with our friends. On top of all of our incredible learning we also had 3 very exciting themed days. 


Egyptian Day - We made Egyptian flatbread, Jewelry, Learned all about the number system and even played Egyptian games


Wellbeing Day - We spent a whole day focusing on our wellbeing. This included Yoga, playing the drums and completing a guided meditation to our happy place


Storytelling Day - We loved learning all about the story 'The Last Wolf' We acted out the story, created a soundscape and made a forest scene from recycled materials.


Check out the photos from a fun filled term below:

Term 5 - We are so excited to be learning all about the Egyptians in term 5!


In literacy this term, we will be looking at Egyptian myths, legends and traditional tales. Our author of the term is Shirley Climo. We will be looking at one of her books, The Egyptian Cinderella, as a stimulus for children to have a go at writing their own tales. We will also be writing information texts about the Ancient Egyptians.

Maths (Multiplication and division)

In maths this term we will be revisiting our written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be using the grid method for multiplication and the bus stop method for division and applying these methods in different contexts. We will also be learning to tell the time (both analogue and digital) and learn to read Roman Numerals.

Science (Plants)

This term the children will be learning about plants. We will learn to identify and describe the function of different parts of the plants and explore what is needed for plants to grow. We will also be learning about the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

Term 4 

Gallery- Here are a few pictures of some of our amazing experiences at school and term 3 & 4.

Term 3 

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Literacy - 

We will be delving into the world of the Elizabethan’s through our key texts, poetry and plays. The children will practise skills relating to creating characters, settings and plots, leading to them writing their own stories. We will be focusing on sentence structure, punctuation and editing for our curricular target. We will also be writing non-fiction texts about The Globe Theatre and other parts of Elizabethan life.

Fractions (Maths)

In Maths we will be developing the children’s understanding of fractions as well as continuing our work on place value and multiplication. We will be learning to recognise fractions, use fractions as numbers and show equivalent fractions. The children will be finding fractions of amounts as their curricular target. It would be great if you could continue to practice and learn times table facts and their linked division facts.

Science (Forces)

This term the children will be learning about forces, magnets and springs. We will be learning about magnetic materials and testing different springs. 

Term 2 - Gallery

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VIKINGS (Literacy)

More information to follow

Multiplication and Division (Maths)

In maths we will begin the term by recapping our place value skills from term 1. We will then revisit how to do column method for addition and subtraction. Then rest of the term we will be honing our multiplication and division skills. Pushing ourselves to count in jumps of 50 and 100 followed by leaning the 4 and 8 times tables.

Rocks and Soils (Science)

Science teaches us all about one of the most influential female scientists of our time. Mary Anning. We will be studying different soils and rocks and conducting experiments. We will learn all about different types of fossil and how they are formed. We will also learn about different types of rock.

Term 1 - Gallery


Now the term is finished, take a look at some of our wonderful learning!



Dragons, dragons dragons! (Literacy)


Our literacy focus this term will be all about dragons! We will be learning to write creatively using powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We will be using simile and metaphor to describe magnificent settings and so much more. Check back here in a few weeks to see photos of our learning journey... 

Place Value (Maths)

In maths we will be looking at place value. Firstly playing lots of exciting games to help the children to remember their knowledge on number. Next we will be comparing numbers based on thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We will also be revisiting our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Check back later to see some pictures...

Light and Shadow (Science)

In science we are going to be investigating the wonderful world of light. We will be finding out all about light sources and tracking our shadows around the playground at different times of the day. Check back in a few weeks to see how it went...

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Here are a few links to websites for a range of English, maths  and other curricular activities which you can use to practise the skills we teach at school or even to just delve into other subjects!


There are even more listed here, so please take a look:

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