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Welcome to Year 3's Learning Page

Here, you will find out about all our magnificent learning and educational escapades! This year, we will be gathering knowledge on a diverse range of topics, producing creative and engaging pieces writing, securing our times tables and delving deeper into the world of problem solving!

There are some handy documents for you to view to give you a little more detail on our termly and yearly plans!

Here are a few links to websites for a range of English, maths  and other curricular activities which you can use to practise the skills we teach at school or even to just delve into other subjects!


There are even more listed here, so please take a look:

Term 3

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 In Term 3, we travel to Africa! It's a fabulous continent and full of absolute wonder and mysticism. We will be having a fabulous Africa day in the first week!


This term, our topic has been all about awe-inspiring and awesome Africa. This marvelous continent is enormous and has taught us so much about the world! We have written about the rains, delivered dramatic renditions of ancient folk tales, delved deep into the enormous habitats that exist and used real stories to inspire us raise hundreds of pounds for our charity: WaterAid.

We created some serene Serengeti savannah sunset pictures, we have indulged in a djembe drum sesh with the celebrated Stephen 'Blaggy' Blagrove and written persuasive letters. WHAT A TOPIC!


In PSHE, we have focussed on dreams and goals. We wanted to see how we could work together to see how this can help us achieve things. The challenge this term was to create foil boats. Groups were marked on: flotation, creativity and team-work. We then determined which was the most important factor and thought about how we could improve for next time.


We love reading in Year 3! We regularly visit our lovely library to discover new and exciting books, we enjoy reading with the teacher and doing independent activities during guided reading and there's nothing better than getting cosy with a blanket and a teddy in the book corner with an enchanting tale... 


This term, we have been enjoying asking lots of questions about forces. We have investigated friction and how different surfaces can act on another object. We discovered that carpet and bubble-wrap created a lot of friction whereas polished wood was much smoother and objects moved more freely along this.


We have also learnt about the mystical world of magnetism. We have made predictions about which materials are magnetic or not, conducted experiments to test magnet strength and discovered what the poles on magnets are actually all about...


In RE, we have looked at the religious symbolism, with a particular focus on Christianity. We were welcomed by Vicar Nicola to the local church, St Ambrose, to discover even more about which objects and rituals are symbolic in the Christian faith. Children were able to explore all corners of St Ambrose and some even took part in a mock-procession.

Term 2

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Image result for viking countriesImage result for viking - hiccupImage result for viking settlement

This term, our topic is all about the vicious Vikings. These were an invading, trading and settling people. Our author focus (Cressida Cowell) allowed us to immerse ourselves in how to be Vikings. We followed Hiccup in his steps to becoming a Viking. What a hero!

We had a good old jolly to Folly Farm to kick-start this topic too which was glorious.

Here it is:  the fabulous rendition of 'Viking Rock' performed so expertly by Botswana class. 


We have learnt so much about the Vikings and the differences between settling and invading as well as the other incredible achievements they made. We began by looking at the timeline of events from the beginning, in 793, all the way up to what happened in 1066. We celebrated the end of the Viking era by starting some sewing with Mrs Began. We patiently threaded needles and began sewing simple shapes just as the tapestry at Bayeux was created, which depicted the great Battle of Hastings!


This term, we have been honing our football skills in passing, dribbling and shooting. We tried to incorporate elements of our indoor cardio-agility PE sessions by creating assault courses which develop skills such as balance and agility. We taught these to one another and tried each others!

DT day

For DT Day, we designed, made and evaluated Viking houses. The aim was to learn about new design and technology techniques. We looked at, and made, prototypes using nets to help us imagine our designs. We considered which shapes were traditionally Viking but also why these choices would have been made. We made links to our rocks and fossils unit of work in science to compare the durability and permeability of the resources used in VIking times to the modern day. After designing our houses and considering the most appropriate materials for them, we made them using a carboard structure and a wooden roof frame. We then weaved foraged items into the wool on each roof structure to try and create a natural finish but also a traditional technique. We thought that in the future, it would be a good idea to include wattle and daub to improved the durability and water-tightness of each house. Finally, we decorated the houses with Viking shields and weaponry! A great day overall! Well done everyone!

Term 1

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Dragons, dragons dragons!

This term, the children are working hard to become dragonologists. They have immersed themselves in the magnificent and mythological (or is it?) world of dragons: friendly ones, ferocious ones or even down-right daft ones! We have been using The Egg by M.P. Robertson to get our wondrous writing off to start this year. Year 3 have also worked with Mrs Crofts for a dragon-art day extravaganza, designing and painting dragon eggs (will they hatch?) and dragon eyes...very mysterious. The results of this day were a testament to the children's excellent team work and creativity! Take a look at the fabulous creations below...


Following these creative creations (?), we wrote a brilliant set of instructions on how to create the eggs. We learnt about the rarely-seen Bristol Ridgeback dragon too and used story-mapping and talk for writing to learn about them in greater detail - check out the marvelous (if a little blurry) video to see Botswana Class in action!

Later on in the term, a strange visitor appeared in Fiji class... 'Yoshi', the bearded dragon lizard! We had to write a letter to Mrs Allen to persuade her to let us keep him safe until his owner returned... Luckily, she said yes! Then, we thought carefully about how to  look after him and wrote fact-files and instructions for this!


In maths this term , we have been enjoying the glory of place value and number, addition and subtraction. We began by learning which manipulatives (mathematical resources) we could use to help us with our learning throughout the term. We used bead-strings, number lines, Numicon, dienes/Base 10 and place value counters!

Following this, we learnt all about the more formal methods of written addition and subtraction - do you recognise any of the methods?


This term, we have been investigating light and shadow. We have learned about natural and 'man-made' light sources. We discovered that light only travels in straight lines and can't bend around corners - this can only happen when reflective materials are used! We have also used natural and artificial light sources to investigate changing shadows. We looked at how our eyes react to light, with contraction and dilation of pupils! Have a peek at our pics to see what we've been up to!

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education)

In PSHE, we have been developing our team working skills and thinking about our roles in a team. Everybody has something unique and brilliant to bring to a group and we found out that certain roles included: organiser, mediator, 'do-er' and reporter. Which one are you? Our challenges have ranged from creating structures from marshmallows and spaghetti to making animals out of tin foil and recalling objects that we only saw for two minutes! How do you get on with them?

PE (Physical Education)

Over term 1, Year 3 have been showing of their splendid skills in Quick Sticks and improving their cardio with indoor PE sessions!

In Quick Sticks, we have been looking at how to manipulate the hockey stick effectively (only using one side!) to control the ball and how to pass and shoot with growing accuracy! Remember though: use your foot to control the ball and it's three press-ups for EVERYONE (including the teacher)!

During indoor PE, we have learnt about a wide range of floor movements, including skips, hopscotch, gallops, hops and side-steps. Which ones can you do quickest, highest or furthest? We then apply our movements to a range of collaborative and competitive games. It has been great fun pretending to be knights and dragons in the castle arena performing our movements!


We finished off Term 1 with a fabulous celebration for Diwali. Thank you to Mrs Sohota, staff, parents and children who have all contributed to making it a wonderful celebration!

Image result for happy diwali

Thank you for all your dedicated and wonderful work, this term, Year 3 - that goes to children, parents and staff!

Have a brilliant rest, enjoy Hallowe'en (if celebrating), firework displays and, most of all, be safe!

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