Year 4

Welcome to Year Four's Class page! Here you will find out what we are learning about and some key information that should be useful!

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Arctic Fox Class 

Class teacher: 
Chloe Millen

Teaching Assistant: 
Hannah Foster
Sita Rouhd

Chipmunk Class 

Class teacher: 
Esme Burrows

 Teaching Assistant: 
Hannah Foster

Sita Rouhd

Lynx Class

Class teacher: 
Luke Arnold 

Teaching Assistant: 
Hannah Foster

Sita Rouhd


We are so excited to welcome the children into Year 4! In class we will be focusing on settling children back into school life as smoothly and quickly as possible in a variety of ways. We will be establishing classroom routines and ensuring the children know what is going to happen throughout the day and what is expected of them. We will be getting to know each other and supporting the children in their social interactions and group dynamic. We will be enabling the children's emotional well-being by completing a range of well being and mindfulness activities. There are some really great resources out there so if you would like to complete some these at home too, check out the links below.


This term, we are doing tennis for outdoor P.E., dynamic balance for indoor P.E

Indoor P.E. for each class is as follows:

Lynx - Thursday

Arctic Fox Wednesday

Chipmunk - Thursday

Outdoor P.E. for each class is as follows:

Lynx - Friday

Arctic Fox - Thursday

Chipmunk - Monday

Please ensure your child brings in their PE kit for every lesson. Also if your child has long hair, please provide them with a hair band to wear during PE and we kindly ask them to not wear earrings. 

Homework and spellings:

Maths: It would be great if your child could practise their times tables at home. Each child will be given a login for Times Tables Rockstars which is a great online resource to help with this practise! 

Spellings: Each term your child will be given a list of spelling words to practise throughout the term. 


The Year 4 teachers love reading and we know our students do too! We aim to foster a love of reading. All children read regularly in school. They read as a class and individually in guided reading, once every 3 weeks one-to-one with an adult and we aim to give the children daily opportunities to read independently. We also share a class story at the end of every day linked to our topic.  Children have opportunities to change books regularly in school. We encourage children to discover books they enjoy, so if your child is a free reader, and is enjoying a particular novel at home, they are welcome to bring it to school to read during the day. When returning books from home, they must be put in to the 'returned books' box in each classroom before they get sorted and go back in the book corner. 

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