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Welcome to the Year 6 home learning page!

Overview of our learning for this week (Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April)

Hello Year 6! Well done for completing your first week of home learning.

We are missing seeing you all each day but we hope you are enjoying the new challenge of learning at home. We know you will be trying your best with all your learning, but as long as you’ve given each task a go and are being the lovely kind children we know you are we will be very happy. You have made fantastic progress so far in year 6 and we are so proud of you all.

This week in your English learning you will be creating a biography about a person you admire – like we did during Book Week/International Women’s Day when we wrote about inspirational women from recent history. Who will you choose to write your biography about? We are sure you will be learning about some incredible people as well as developing your writing skills.

This week our Maths learning will predominantly be using your revision guides as we revise some of the key Maths topics we have covered this year. Therefore, there won’t always be the three levels of challenge like there was last week. Instead, you will be assigned pages in your revision guides and optional bonus challenges if you have confidently complete those pages in your 30 minutes of Maths learning each day.

It has also been great to see so many of you using Times Tables Rock Stars and Manga High. The current champion player on Manga High in year 6 has attempted 44 activities this week (wow!); can you catch and take the championship from him/her?! To help you take on this challenge this week we will be setting some activities on these sites as part of your learning; if you haven’t logged on yet your usernames and passwords are on the front of your green and red books. We also have access to a new website for you to use called Numbots. You can access the game using the same username and password you have for Times Table Rock Stars. Remember there are also lots of other great websites you can explore, listed on the letter in your yellow folder. Enjoy!

As well as having a go at the daily Writing, Reading and Maths tasks last week, we hope you enjoyed getting started with your Home Learning Projects in your red exercise books and are looking forward to continuing with them this week. We have both taken up new projects too - Miss Manning is learning to crochet a giraffe and Mr Thurston is working on an abstract jigsaw puzzle! We look forward to seeing what you have done for your projects; we know they will be fantastic! If you have not had a chance to get started have a look at the ideas listed below for your home learning project.

Good luck with week two of home learning!

Miss Manning and Mr Thurston


Project work:

Remember you also have your red project book, which is for you to explore your own areas of interest. In class last week, we came up with lots of ideas. You can take the projects as far as you'd like to - really getting stuck into something you're interested in! However, you don't just have to choose and stick to one; you might really enjoy exploring an idea this week and choose to research/practise something else next week. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

  • a science-based project (space, evolution and genetic inheritance, an important scientist like Katherine Johnson, the human body, biology experiments with flowers in your garden, a survey of the animals in your garden)
  • something related to one of our previous topics (coasts, extreme environments, World War 2)
  • something related to a topic you enjoyed in a previous year group - you could even work together with a sibling who has been learning about Ancient Egypt in Year 3 or pirates in Year 2 etc
  • an art-based project, filled with lots of lovely drawings, paintings, collages etc
  • a research project on a person/sports team/genre of book/TV programme that you are passionate about
  • free writing - you could start your own chapter book, poetry collection or graphic novel!
  • it could be cooking/baking that you want to explore (your project book could be where you record recipes and draw pictures/stick in photos of your delicious creations)
  • you could use it as a diary - along with pictures, 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' style
  • another brilliant idea that you have and that isn't already in this list! (You can explore any subject that interests you!)

Top tips:

  • each activity should take around 20-30 minutes (we'll tell you in the 'Home learning' document which explains the tasks)
  • complete the activities in your home learning books (green book for maths, reading and English; red book for your project work)
  • take your time with the activities and complete them to the best of your ability
  • if you need extra activities, look at your web site list and complete online activities.

Note for parents/carers regarding SATs:

As you may have heard, all school tests in May and June (including the end of Key Stage 2 SATs) have been cancelled this year; however, we remain committed to supporting our pupils with their learning – in both the core subjects of reading, writing, maths and grammar as well as the wider curriculum. This means the ‘SAT Buster’ revision guides will still form part of the learning being assigned. We want to continue building upon the amazing effort shown and progress made this year and help ensure your children keep their skills sharp, ready to confidently access the secondary school curriculum when they move on in September. We will give daily guidance for the books and pages to be used.

Week Two Learning ( Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April)

Monday 30th March Home Learning

Tuesday 31st March Home Learning

Wednesday 1st April Home Learning

Thursday 2nd April Home Learning

Friday 3rd April Home Learning

Week One Learning

Monday home learning

Tuesday home learning

 Wednesday home learning

Thursday home learning

Friday home learning

Monday 30th March Maths Resources

 Year 6 Maths Challenge Monday 30th March.pdfDownload
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 Tuesday 31st March Maths Resources

 Year 6 Maths Challenge Tuesday 31st March.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 1st April Maths Resources

 Year 6 Maths Challenge Wednesday 1st April.pdfDownload
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 Thursday 2nd April Maths Resources

 Year 6 Maths Challenge Thursday 2nd April.pdfDownload
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Friday 3rd April Maths Resources

 Year 6 Friday 3rd April Arithmetic Quiz.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Friday 3rd April Extension Arithmetic Quiz.pdfDownload
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Monday maths resources

Today, you will be working in your 'SAT Buster - Number, Ratio and Algebra' book.






Tuesday maths resources

 Adding and subtracting fractions - differentiated sheets - 24th March.docxDownload
 Adding and Subtracting Fractions Help Sheet.pubDownload
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Wednesday maths resources

 Year 6 Maths for Wednesday 25th March Multiplying Fractions.pdfDownload
Showing 1-1 of 1

Thursday maths resources

 Year 6 Maths for Thursday 26th March Dividing Fractions.pdfDownload
Showing 1-1 of 1

Friday maths resources

 Year 6 Friday 27th March Core Arithmetic Quiz.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Friday 27th March Extension Arithmetic Quiz.pdfDownload
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Monday 30th March English Resources

 Y6 reading - ANSWERS from Inventions text - Week Two Day One.pdfDownload
 Y6 reading - The Baking Battle - Week Two Day One.pdfDownload
 Year 6 writing biography notes - example by Sol.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 31st March English Resources

Today you will need your 'SAT Buster - Ten Minute Test - Grammar' Book and ' SAT Buster - Ten Minute Test - Reading'  Book for your English learning.









Wednesday 1st April English Resources

 Y6 reading - CGP - Targeted Questions - Holes - Week Two Day Three.pdfDownload
 Year 6 writing - biography examples - Week Two Day Three and Four.pdfDownload
 Year 6 writing biography toolkit - Week Two Day Three and Four.pdfDownload
Showing 1-3 of 3


Thursday 2nd April English Resources

 Y6 reading - CGP - Targeted Questions -Nixie Labs - Week Two Day Four.pdfDownload
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Friday 3rd April English Resources

 Easter Holiday Homework Reading Challenge.pdfDownload
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Monday English resources

 EXAMPLE of list - reasons for and against daily science lessons.docxDownload
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Tuesday English resources


 Discussion toolkit - 24th March.docxDownload
 Example of tools identified in Gabi's text - 24th March.docxDownload
 Harri - example discussion text - 24th March.docxDownload
 Maggie - example discussion text - 24th March.docxDownload
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 Reading comprehension text and questions - 24th March.docxDownload
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Wednesday English resources

These resources are some of yesterday's, just to help with your writing; you might need need to download/print them again.

 Year 6 Writing for Wednesday 25th March - Discussion resources.pdfDownload
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Thursday English resources

Today's writing resources are the same as yesterday's.

Below is the reading text and questions to answer.

 Year 6 reading for Thursday 26th March - Inventions.pdfDownload
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Friday English resources

 Statutory spelling lists - KS2.pdfDownload
 Year 6 reading for Thursday 26th March - Inventions.pdfDownload
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