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Swift and Swallow Classes: Our Learning

Term 4

This term's topic carries on from our history topic last term and is called 'Journeys - Where do people in Bristol come from?' We'll learn about the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948 and the Windrush Generation that followed from Jamaica and other Caribbean countries; we'll learn about events that led to large numbers of people arriving in Bristol from Somalia in recent years; we'll read a fantastic book called 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan, which tells the story of a man and his family arriving in an unnamed foreign land - all through pictures; and we'll create our own pieces of art work, inspired by our learning along the way.


In our writing and maths lessons, we will continue to consolidate our key skills. Our main focus in maths will be geometry, while in our writing lessons we will write an explanation text, a discussion text, a complaint letter and also practise our creative fiction writing using 'The Arrival' as a stimulus.

Term 3

This term's topic learning will be all about World War Two and life for children in Bristol at the time. Children will begin by learning about the key events, including turning points, in World War Two to provide context for the rest of our learning. As well as this, we will learn about the Battle of Britain, D Day and the German invasion of Russia; a variety of experiences of evacuation, using a range of sources and accounts from Bristol evacuees to understand the diversity of these experiences; and take part in a Bristol Blitz Project with Bristol Museums, culminating in a day long workshop, creating and performing a drama piece based on the Bristol Blitz.   

Our writing and grammar this term will be based around our World War Two learning, beginning by developing our persuasive writing skills, advertising our own gas masks designed for a pet and then attempting to persuade a loved one to send their children to the countryside as an evacuee. We will learn about 'timeslip' stories, which are not told in chronological order (flashing forward/backwards in time) and we will learn about Anne Frank and write our own biographies for her. 

As well as looking at some war poetry, we will be reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll as a our class novel, and using this to help develop our fantastic reading comprehension skills.

Our maths learning will focus on geometry (calculating missing angles using formulae) before moving on to fractions, decimals and percentages. 

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The children have made a fantastic start to their Year 6 learning and we want to support that progress. Have a look at some of the pictures we took when they designed, made and EXPLODED their own volcano models last term!

Term 2 

Year 6 have made a fabulous start to the year. In Term 2, our topic will be ‘Extreme Landscapes’ and the children will learn about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. Our learning will lead up to children linking their geography learning with their DT skills when they design and make an erupting volcano!

Our writing and grammar this term will be based around our ‘Extreme Landscapes’ topic. To begin with, we will be writing reports about our own invented mountain-dwelling creatures using our knowledge of how animals adapt to their surroundings. Following this, we will learn about instruction writing, we will read a story about a boy with an unusual home and we will continue to read and write about plays by William Shakespeare.

Our maths learning will focus on multiplication and division and its application in problem solving. In addition, we will be exploring 2D shapes and their properties, angles in shapes and their related formulae to calculate their area and perimeter. 

If there are any questions or concerns that you or your child may have, please let us know, perhaps sending a note in with your child, emailing us at, or calling the office if you don’t see us at pick-up time.  

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Term 1

This term, our topic will be 'Our Island's Coasts', learning about the physical geography we see on the shores of the British Isles. The topic will also link nicely to art, writing and also our science learning, where will be learning about evolution and inheritance.


Our author of the term will be William Shakespeare! We will read abridged children's versions of his stories and consider some of the themes within them. Alongside reading these as a class, we will also be encouraging Year 6 to develop their own independent reading and helping them to find books, newspapers, comics, graphic novels, poetry, works of fiction and non-fiction that they enjoy. Helping to support reading at home does have a huge benefit to children - in developing both their academic and social-emotional confidence. 


Our maths learning will focus on place value and understanding our number system (to three decimal places and up to ten million). We will also be working hard to identify key skills that may require revisiting and additional support, as we would any year. 


If there are any questions or concerns that you or your child may have, please let us know, perhaps sending a note in with your child or calling the office if you don't see us at drop-off or pick-up time. We really want all of the children to thrive in Year 6 and quickly settle into positive routines!


This term will also have a particular focus on your well being - making sure that we're giving you lots of opportunities to talk about and understand your feelings (in PSHE lessons, year group assemblies, daily check-ins and conversations with all of the caring adults in Year 6). 


Here's to a great year together!


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(Below is a list of websites and online resources that we have shared with previous year groups for families wishing to provide extra support and practice at home in the lead up to the End of Key Stage 2 SATs - and there may also be other resources that you have used at home during lockdown that your children enjoyed.)



Useful web links for Year 6 learning and revision:


SATs practice papers


Access to previous SATs papers (reading, SPAG and maths):


 SATs-style maths practice papers:



 English/SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar)


National Curriculum definitions of grammatical terms which will appear in homework and class learning:


National Curriculum spelling patterns and statutory words lists (giving examples of spelling patterns we will teach and the type of words the SATs will test): 


Summaries, examples and teaching videos of key grammatical terms:


Selection of games for revision:





Summaries, examples and teaching videos of mathematical terms:


Wide range of resources – from games to teaching aids and tests:


Maths arithmetic practice:


Small range of memory matching games:


Really good web site (with lots of visual aids to help understand tricky concepts); it is American but, while not a direct match to the National Curriculum for Year 6, the ‘Grade 5’ learning and games would be a match for age – and you could always look at ‘Grade 4’ or 'Grade 6' to support/stretch as appropriate:


Web site designed more for teachers, and includes lots of concepts aimed at secondary-age learning. However, there are some useful tools which show models and images that might help your child’s understanding if something is proving tricky to understand:

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