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Meet the staff at Whitehall Primary

Senior Leadership Team

Sarah Allen</br>Head Teacher.
Sarah Allen
Head Teacher.
Sarah Croasdell</br>Deputy Head
Sarah Croasdell
Deputy Head
Will Ewens</br>Deputy Head
Will Ewens
Deputy Head
Debbie Chamberlain</br>Assistant Head
Debbie Chamberlain
Assistant Head

Early Years Team

Lesley Broom</br>Class Teacher
Lesley Broom
Class Teacher
Hannah Foster<br>Teaching Assistant
Hannah Foster
Teaching Assistant
Michelle Edwards</br>Class Teacher
Michelle Edwards
Class Teacher
Eran Denton</br>Teaching Assistant
Eran Denton
Teaching Assistant
Lynsey McKean</br>Class Teacher
Lynsey McKean
Class Teacher
Billie McGarrigle</br>Teaching Assistant
Billie McGarrigle
Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Kathie Cooke</br>Class Teacher
Kathie Cooke
Class Teacher
Ellen Fletcher</br>Teaching Assistant
Ellen Fletcher
Teaching Assistant
Mylene Houssin</br>Teaching Assistant
Mylene Houssin
Teaching Assistant
Laura Mole</br>Class Teacher
Laura Mole
Class Teacher
Suzanne Owers</br>Teaching Assistant
Suzanne Owers
Teaching Assistant
Erika Rossiter-Ayton</br>Teaching Assistant
Erika Rossiter-Ayton
Teaching Assistant
Charlotte Frost</br>Class Teacher
Charlotte Frost
Class Teacher
Manjit Sahota</br>Teaching Assistant
Manjit Sahota
Teaching Assistant
Padena Rohani</br>Teaching Assistant
Padena Rohani
Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team 

Sarah van Neikerk</br>Class Teacher (job share)
Sarah van Neikerk
Class Teacher (job share)
suf</br>Class Teacher (job share)Hinna You
Class Teacher (job share)Hinna You
Anne Elliott</br>Teaching Assistant
Anne Elliott
Teaching Assistant
Luke Arnold</br>Class Teacher
Luke Arnold
Class Teacher
Tim Trolley</br>Teaching Assistant
Tim Trolley
Teaching Assistant
Hibaq Nour-Elmi</br>Teaching Assistant
Hibaq Nour-Elmi
Teaching Assistant
Roisin Wickman-Smyth</br>Teaching Assistant
Roisin Wickman-Smyth
Teaching Assistant
Ali Tucker</br>Class Teacher (job share)
Ali Tucker
Class Teacher (job share)
Liv Noack-Cox</br>Class Teacher (job share)
Liv Noack-Cox
Class Teacher (job share)
Amanda Herrin</br>Teaching Assistant
Amanda Herrin
Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Sophie Sheppard</br>Class Teacher
Sophie Sheppard
Class Teacher
Leonie Waltho</br>Teaching Assistant
Leonie Waltho
Teaching Assistant
Jarell Watkins</br>Teaching Assistant
Jarell Watkins
Teaching Assistant
Billy Heaton</br>Class Teacher
Billy Heaton
Class Teacher
Sophina Mahmood</br>Teaching Assistant
Sophina Mahmood
Teaching Assistant
Camilla Quarrell</br>Teaching Assistant
Camilla Quarrell
Teaching Assistant
Charli Lockett</br>Teaching Assistant
Charli Lockett
Teaching Assistant
Kristina McCarthy</br>Class Teacher
Kristina McCarthy
Class Teacher
Caitlin Phetnoi</br>Teaching Assistant
Caitlin Phetnoi
Teaching Assistant
Cheralyn Morgan</br>Teaching Assistant
Cheralyn Morgan
Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Karen Kooyman</br>Class Teacher (jobs share)
Karen Kooyman
Class Teacher (jobs share)
Sita Roudh Kaur</br>Teaching Assistant
Sita Roudh Kaur
Teaching Assistant
Sarah Alma</br>Class Teacher (job share)
Sarah Alma
Class Teacher (job share)
Katherine Morgan</br>Teaching Assistant
Katherine Morgan
Teaching Assistant
Monika Szczap</br>Teaching Assistant
Monika Szczap
Teaching Assistant
Emma Thomas</br>Class Teacher
Emma Thomas
Class Teacher
Anne Smith</br>Teaching Assistant
Anne Smith
Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Emma Collver</br>Class Teacher
Emma Collver
Class Teacher
Rosie Nield</br>Teaching Assistant
Rosie Nield
Teaching Assistant
Lauren Tovey</br>Graduate Teacher
Lauren Tovey
Graduate Teacher
Floss Turner</br>Teaching Assistant
Floss Turner
Teaching Assistant
Charlotte Rawlinson</br>Class Teacher
Charlotte Rawlinson
Class Teacher

Year 6 Team

Naomi Sinclair</br>Class Teacher
Naomi Sinclair
Class Teacher
Patrick Thurston</br>Class Teacher
Patrick Thurston
Class Teacher
Vicki Morley</br>Teaching Assistant
Vicki Morley
Teaching Assistant
Sue Hepper</br>Teaching Assistant
Sue Hepper
Teaching Assistant

Non Class-Based Teachers

Emma Cutmore</br>Reading Recovery Teacher
Emma Cutmore
Reading Recovery Teacher
Anna Wilson</br>PPA Teacher
Anna Wilson
PPA Teacher

Art Specialists

Debs Crofts</br>Art Specialist & Art Therapist
Debs Crofts
Art Specialist & Art Therapist
Julie Begen</br>Art Specialist
Julie Begen
Art Specialist
Liam Owen</br>PPA Teacher
Liam Owen
PPA Teacher

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Whitehall Primary School

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