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Term 2

Interpid Adventures

Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson - Barrington StokeCatherine Johnson - Curtis BrownONE GIRL ONE DREAM: Amazon.co.uk: Laura Dekker: 9781775540458: BooksLaura Dekker: a heroine for our times | Laura Dekker | The GuardianThe Great Explorer : Judge, Chris: Amazon.co.uk: BooksBooks By Chris Judge | LoveReading4Kids

The children are going to have a fantastic second term learning all about Intrepid Adventures.

We are going to take the opportunity to ecplore the globe alongside some of the most incredible adventurers in history: specifically the unsung heroes and pioneers of exploration. 

Term 2 Year 5 Newsletter

Term 2 Year 5 Overview


Term 1

Ancient Greece


Welcome to Ancient Greece... This term, we will be delving into a world which is surrounded with magic, mythology and monsters! We will discover heroes, heroines and evil beings...

Our author of the Term will be Maz Evans, we will be reading her book 'Who let the Gods out?' as our class story, learning all about what Elliott gets up to when Zeus, Virgo and Hermes suddenly drop on his doorstep!

Year 5 Term 1 Newsletter

Year 5 Term 1 Overview

Ancient Greece Day

Wow! Year 5 have had a cracking start to the year...seriously. We have hopped in our time machine and travelled back in time 2500 years... to Ancient Greece! We had a fabulous visit from Richard from the History Squad who shared all the gruesome truths about the Spartans, how Ancient Greece was made up of many city states and lots of awesome artefacts!

Check out the photos!

While the time portal to Ancient Greece was open, we also took note of some of their fresh, fresh produce and used it to create our very own Greek Salads. The children went through the entire Design and Technology process to make these products: Research > Design > Create > Evaluate. Now they've done it in school, we're pretty sure they're ready to do it for you at home too! Check out these links which explain a little bit more about how we can be sustainable with our foods: