2023-24 Reception Learning



Term 5

This term we will be learning all about 'Plants and Minibeasts'.  The children will be exploring where minibeasts live and hopefully finding lots in our garden!  We will look at the different parts of the plants and talk about what those parts do. We will also plant our own seeds and look after them whilst they grow.  We also look at a story based on the enormous turnip!  In Phonics we will learn to sound out and write longer words and we have more common exception words to learn.  In maths we will be looking at the composition of numbers up to 10.  We will also look at patterns in numbers and begin to look at odd and even numbers.  We wll aslo look at numbers over 20, and the patterns on the 100 square.

Please look at the newsletter below for more information and ideas of some home learning tasks you can do!

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Term 4

What a busy term we have had!  We have learnt all about space and the different planets and even wrote a diary about our imaginary trip to space.  We have designed our own aliens and enjoyed describing those.  We have been acting out in our role play space station and really enjoyed dressing up as astronauts and flying in to space. 

In maths we have thought about more and less and got realyl confident saying 1 more and 1 less than a nunber.  We have explored 2 D and 3D shapes and did some amazing describing of 2D shapes using the vocabulary of faces, edges and vertices! 

The highlight of this term has been sending our own rockets flying, we needed to pump really hard to make them fly!.  Also designing our own rockets and the  making them and evaluating them.  They look great!

In learning choice time, the children have really enjoyed our den building area and have made some great dens and even their own rockets.  There has been some brilliant team work between the children.  They have also been busy on our giant marble run, making the balls go down the guttering and tubes adn making sure that it works and the balls don't get stuck!  We have also developed a home corner outside, that the children have turned into a cafe over the term, and served some lovely caffee and cakes!


Newsletter Term 4


Term 3

We have had a busy term learning all about animals.

We started the term with our ‘Animaltastic day’ where we dressed up as an animal and had an animal parade around the hall.  In literacy, we have looked at lots of animal poems and the book ‘Welcome to the zoo’, where we have made up our own stories.  We have also learnt lots of animals facts and written our own animal fact files!

In maths we have looked at numbers 1 more and 1 less and used a number line to help us.  We have thought about the number 5 and all the different ways to make 5.  We had to make sure we worked systematically so we didn’t forget any.  We have looked at measuring the height and length of things and compared lots of animals to see which was the tallest or longest.  We have also thought about positional language and the words we can use to explain where things are.

We have really enjoyed our role play this term, acting out being on safari.  We have had animal costumes to dress up in, binoculars to find the animals and a tepee tent for acting out our safari adventures.

We have continued to enjoy our learning choice times where we have made some great animal houses using the junk modelling, the wooden blocks and our loose parts.  We have acted out and created out our jungles and zoos.  We have also been very creative and painted some great animals and made some lion faces using a range of resources. 

It has been quite cold, wet and windy this term so the children have really enjoyed catching the raindrops and making our puddles even bigger.  We have also explored the ice that we made and I think the polar bears really enjoyed it!.   

We have also had a visit from a real tortoise and bearded dragon.  Thank you Me Lee!

What a busy term!

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Term 2

We have had a busy term learning all about transport. We started the term with our ‘Wheelie great day’ and enjoyed riding our bikes and scooters around the playground.  We had a visit from some police who brought their police van with them.  We then enjoyed dressing up as police and fire people and acting out.  We learnt about road safety and enjoyed a walk around the local area, looking at the road signs and we practised crossing different roads.  We went to see the teachers’ cars and then did some great labelling of all the different parts.   We have been learning our numbers to 5 and thinking about the composition of those numbers.  We have practised ordering our numbers to 10.   We have explored shape and looked for shapes in the environment and even tried some tangram puzzles.  Outside we have really enjoyed our garage role play, acting out mending the bikes and pretending to put petrol in.   We have had lots of different weather and explored the rain, catching raindrops and floating boats in the puddles.  It was then really cold and we explored the ice and frost!  We finished the term performing our nativity and I am sure you will agree, it was a brilliant performance!

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Term 1

This term the children have settled into school really well and got used to the routines brilliantly. They have enjoyed the topic 'All about me!'.  We have looked at family photos and drawn our own families too! We have enjoyed leanring about our bodies and had great fun making some skeleton puzzles and learning about how to keep healthy.  Brushing the giant teeth was fun!  In maths we have learnt about nunbers 1 to 5 and been able to count amounts.  We have looked at tall short and big and small and made some really tall towers! The children have really enjoyed exploring the reception area and using lots of the resources that we have. 

Term 1 Photos

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