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School Councillors 2022-23

Our new school council have been elected by their classmates and very excited to be representing their peers. You can spot them with their special purple pins.

This anti-bullying week the school council are looking at the 'Anti-Bullying Charter' and discussing with their classes how it can be updated and improved. 


School Councillors 2021-22

! Children were all elected  by their class to represent them at our meetings. We meet every two weeks and our big focus continues the work of previous school councils, as we want to look at how we can be more environmentally friendly as a school. That is why our School Council badge is green. See below to see what past school councilors have been working on as a school council to make our school more 'green'

So far since being elected our school councilors have:

  • Helped to interview for a new Headteacher 
  • Worked with Healthy School Leaders to look at ways we can be a more Healthy school
  • Worked with our school chef Glyn, to improve our school menu
  • Worked with Mrs Allen to discuss what makes learning interesting and engaging for them, with a focus on writing.


Eco Brick Workshop

We were fortunate enough to have some special visitors:Dr Sara Williams who works at UWE and is looking at how children can understand more about environmental changes, Brick-It Bristol, who are working to educate people about how to recycle plastic through making eco-bricks which can then be used as a building material. We had a great afternoon learning about the different types of plastic and then we got to make our own eco- bricks! We are going to have an area set aside at lunchtimes for children to make eco-bricks.

MP Thangham Debbonaire visits Whitehall Primary

The School Councillors and the Rights Respecting Ambassadors met Thangham Debbonaire. They asked lots of great questions to learn more  democracy and life as an MP. 

Parliament Workshop: A workshop to learn more about Democracy and how laws are made

We had a visitor who came in and led an assembly to teach us about Parliament. We learnt about the role of the house of commons and the House of Lords, how laws are created and how our votes help to elect members of Parliament.

Afterwards, the School Councillors had a special workshop where we learnt more about the jobs in the House of Commons. We got to pretend to be government ministers and have a 'real' debate about whether school hours should change so that children start school at 10am. We all took our roles very seriously and gave strong arguments for and against this as a new law. When we had finished debating the speaker then told us we needed to vote, like MPs do: those who thought it should become law went to the 'Aye' lobby (this means yes!), and those that thought it shouldn't become law went to the 'no' lobby. The majority of us voted no, instead we think school hours should stay the same as they are now. It turns out that this was a real life debate a few years ago, started as a petition by a young person!

We all thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we now have a far greater understanding of democracy, one of our British Values.

Previous School Councilors 2019-2020

Year 2 School Councillors are: Dawid, Tara and Nay-Nay.

Year 3 School Councillors are: Sophia, Seren, Ren, Albert and Mabel.

Year 4 School Councillors are: Mohammed, Ayaan, Elsa, Ysee and Imran.

Year 5 School Councillors are:Ralph, Judah, Bethan and Sheighlon.

Year 6 School Councillors are: Kayasha, Lyra, Harry and Ali.

School Councillors 2018 - 2019


Meet our  School Council! This fabulous group have all been elected by their classes to represent them for this academic year. This year the school council have achieved the following:

  • raised over £600 through sponsored events for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
  • made improvements to the playground- Just look at our new climbing frame! 
  • worked with Glyn, our school chef, to make changes to the school dinner menu
  • encouraged classmates to bring in toiletries for the homeless, which the school council wrapped up in special Christmas Gifts. These were taken to St Mungo's charity. 

Well done school councillors for being such great role models in the school!

Year 2: Beetle Class = Ryma

Year 2: Mantis Class = Dylan

Year 2: Ant Class = Alethea

Year 3: Ladybird Class = Hurairah

Year 3: Millipede Class = Joe

Year 3: Glow Worm Class = Zubair

Year 4: Firefly Class = Sara  & Hafsa

Year 4: Dragonfly Class = Teyha  & Mikolaj

Year 5: Moth Class = Soloman  & Amara

Year 5: Damselfly Class = Nicole  & Anouk

Year 6: Honeybee Class = Louis  & Akram

Year 6: Hornet Class = Rosanna  & Kore


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