Wider Curriculum: 

Underpinning our curriculum are 5 key principles which permeate our curriculum content and approaches to teaching and learning:

  •  High expectations within all subjects for all children.
  • To provide a whole school curriculum which actively challenges discrimination and promotes equality and diversity in all curriculum areas.
  • Communication and language development through a literacy rich curriculum.
  • Personal and emotional development and wellbeing are central to our curriculum and educational philosophy and approaches.
  • Experiential Learning Experiences to generate interest, fun and motivation.

Through careful planning, the curriculum enables our children to apply and practice skills and knowledge across all subject areas. Within the specific subject schemes of work, we ensure that there are coherent sequences of work for the children and that there is a clear progression of learning across the whole school. These are found in our School Curriculum Overview. 

Our Termly overviews show how we have organised our curriculum in subjects in each year group.

Whole School Curriculum Overview