2022-23 Year 6 Learning

Term 1 - Our Island's Coasts

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Term 1

The children have really enjoyed our topic of COASTS this term.  We have learnt about coastal management and designed our own sea defences. using our knowledge of how coastlines are transformed by natural processes such as erosion and deposition.   In Science, children pieced together evidence from pre-historic fossils and followed Charles Darwin's voyage of discovery on the Beagle. They learnt about Mary Anning and the fossil discoveries that she made along the Lyme Regis - Charmouth coast. We had a a fantastic day in Charmouth fossil hunting with expert Ed Drewitt.  Children found ammonites, belemnites and we even had the weather on our side!  Have a look at some of our pictures: 

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Term 2- Extreme Landscapes

 12 Landscapes that Belong on Another Planet


Term 2 

Our topic this term was 'Extreme Landscapes' and what a fantastic topic it has been! In Geography, we learned about hot and cold climates, mountains and volcanoes. We practised our OS map reading skills, learnt about Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's ascent of Mount Everest and used our DT skills to design and make our own exploding volcanoes!


To support our learning, we visited a local climbing wall - our very own climbing expedition! Back in school, we used this experience to support our instruction writing skills as part of our English lessons. We wrote our own reports about mountain-dwelling animals, reading the short story 'Way Home' and continued our learning about Shakespeare's plays. 

Have a look at some of the pictures from our fantastic climbing trip below...

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Term 3 - World War Two

World War II | TheSchoolRun

Term 3

Throughout term 3, the children have been getting their teeth stuck into our World War Two topic. They have practised a range of Historical Skills, including chronology, evaluating sources, historical enquiry and different interpretations of history. During our art lessons with Mrs Begen, the children have created wonderful WW2 inspired artworks, ranging from the Squander Bug featured in propaganda posters to biro sketches of Bristol during The Blitz.


To complement the topic, the children took part in a special WW2 Drama Workshop. The children had the opportunity to view and hold a wide range of photographs and artefacts, before using these as inspiration for freeze-frames. On top of this, the children re-enacted the process of being evacuated - accompanied by air-raid siren and bomb sound effects!

Check out some of the pictures below... 

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 Term 4 - Journeys


Next term our topic will be 'Journeys', in which we will learn all about the history of migration and immigration in relation to Bristol. Please see our Term Overview and Termly Newsletter below for more details.

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