2023-24 Year 6 Learning

Term 2 - Extreme Earth

Seven of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth | SUITCASE Magazine

Term 2

The children are going love looking at EXTREME LANDSCAPES in term 2. 

We will be learning about different environments and what it takes to survive in them. We will be looking at mountains, deserts, tundras and volcanos. This will give us the information we need to design and make our own model volcanos towards the end of term.

In Science, the children will look at classification. We will explore the different ways of classifying all the living things on this planet, before embarking on a classification experiement of our own using particularly tasty test subjects. We will link our learning between geography and science by asking questions about how different animals might have adapted to their environments (linking to our topic from last term) and how that might change how they are classified. 

In R.E we will continue to look at the religion of Hinduism focusing on the different celebrations Hindu's hold throughout the year. We will visit the Bristol Mandir to explore a Hindu temple with our own eyes.


Please read our Termly overview and Newsletter below to find out more information about how Term 2 will look

Term 2 Overview

2023-24 Year 6 Learning

Term 1 - Our Island's Coasts

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Term 1

The children have really enjoyed our topic of COASTS this term. 

We were learning about coastal management and designed our own sea defences by using our knowledge of how coastlines are transformed by the natural processes such as erosion and deposition.   In Science, children pieced together evidence from pre-historic fossils and followed Charles Darwin's voyage of discovery on the Beagle. Each class learnt about Mary Anning and the fossil discoveries that she made along the Lyme Regis - Charmouth coast. We really enjoyed a fantastic day in Charmouth fossil hunting with expert Ed Drewitt.  Children were hunting for ammonites, belemnites and learning about how they are made.  

Our author focus for term 1 one was Benjamin Zephaniah.  The children loved this author and reading his poems.

We will be reading the Windrush Child:


Please read our Termly overview and Newsletter below to find out more information about how Term 1 will look


Term 1 Overview

Term 1 Newsletter

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